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We are Temporary Traffic Management [TTM] specialists providing consultancy services for a wide range of scenarios and projects.

Traffic Reports, Traffic Impact Assessments, and Traffic Monitoring/Counting

One key element the HSA look for from any owner or manager of industrial or commercial premises is a Site Traffic Management Plan [STMP] as part of their Safety management System [SMS]. We can provide reports, plans, and traffic impact assessment to fulfil that requirement. Cinnte Safety Limited can also prepare both preliminary Construction Site Traffic Management Plans [CSTMP] for the planning stage, or the full CSTMP once construction has started for inclusion in the Site Safety File.
A typical Traffic Report can provide detailed analysis of the traffic environment around a project that can be used for planning applications, site safety files, and development plans. Our traffic reports are compliant with all relevant, current legislation, and may contain some, or all, of the following …

TM Plans [TMP] and Temporary TM Layout Drawings [TTMLD]

Whether you require a TMP for tender purposes, planning applications, construction, or roadworks, Cinnte Safety Limited can provide consultants who are experts in this area to meet all your TM requirements whether they are schematic, OS mapping, or engineered drawings to scale. All TTMLDs will be fully compliant with legislation and local byelaws.
Barry Bessant is one of the country’s leading experts in TTM Design and is an instructor for the LASNTG on the TM Design & Planning Course and the TM Auditing & Inspection Course. He was also involved in drafting the technical sections of the new Operations Manual which forms part of the suite of documents in the Traffic Signs Manual (2019).

Standard Operating Procedures [SOP]

Cinnte Safety Limited can also design SOPs to enable you to work on routine, low risk tasks, without the necessity of site-specific planning for every small job.

Road Safety Audits

It is a requirement for all new road projects that they undertake Stage Road Safety audits, the most common of which, are Stage 1, 2, and 3. Cinnte Safety Limited can co-ordinate these audits as part of your TM planning.

TM Audit and Inspections

These are not to be confused with Stage Road Safety Audits which are specifically required for new road construction projects. There is a requirement in the Traffic Signs Manual (2019) that Road Authorities, Contractors, and TM providers conduct regular audits and inspections of their TTM arrangements (see schedule below).
Roadworks Duration % of sites to be audited per annum Audit Frequency
< 12 Hours
> 12 Hours < 1 Month
1 Month - 6 Months
6 Months - 1 Year
> 1 Year
To be classed as a competent person for the purposes of conducting a TM Audit you should have …
All Cinnte Safety Limited consultants meet these criteria and are experienced in conducting TM audits and inspections.

TM Audit

This is a high-level analysis of the full Traffic Management Plan (TMP) including all the design documents, on-site paperwork, and installation. The Audit will focus on the impact of the scheme from the point of view of the road user and check that the scheme is compliant with all relevant legislation.

TM Inspection

These are routine checks on a TTM layout and is usually conducted by a Line Manager, Temporary Traffic Operations Supervisor (TTOS), or other competent person. The TM Inspection is a snapshot of a TM Scheme to ensure that the installation is compliant with all relevant legislation.

Expert Witness

Cinnte Safety Limited has over 20 years’ experience in traffic management and the construction industry and can represent you as an expert witness in all matters relating to temporary traffic management schemes, design, auditing, inspection, and compliance.
It is an unfortunate reality that accidents do happen and where there is an accident there is usually something, or someone, at fault. If the accident occurs within a temporary traffic management scheme, Cinnte Safety Limited can supply industry experts to act on your behalf. We can check that the scheme was compliant with current legislation, Codes of Practice, and industry best practice.

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