Construction Safety

We are specialists in providing consultancy services for a wide range of construction projects. Our consultants have over 20 years’ experience of working in the construction and entertainment industries, including film, TV, and theatre.


Key roles in construction are the Project Supervisor Design Phase [PSDP] and the Project Supervisor Construction Stage [PSCS]. Cinnte Safety Limited have consultants who are qualified and experienced to fulfil these roles for you.
Cinnte Safety Limited has acted as PSDP for Local Authorities, co-ordinating designers, reviewing the design process, and preparing the preliminary safety, health, and welfare plan for the project.
Cinnte Safety Limited has acted as PSCS for Local Authorities, construction companies, and even homeowners with their house extensions. We will co-ordinate all your safety requirements on-site, managing and updating the Construction Safety File for handing over on completion of the project.
We can also offer a short online course that explains the roles and responsibilities of the PSDP and the PSCS.

Construction, Commercial, and Industrial Site TMPs

Whether you require a TMP for tender purposes, planning applications, construction, or roadworks, Cinnte Safety Limited can provide consultants who are experts in this area to meet all your requirements. One key element the HSA look for from any owner or manager of industrial or commercial premises is a Site Traffic Management Plan [STMP] as part of their Safety management System [SMS]. We can provide reports, plans, and traffic impact assessment to fulfil that requirement. Cinnte Safety Limited can also prepare both preliminary Construction Site Traffic Management Plans [CSTMP] for the planning stage, or the full CSTMP once construction has started for inclusion in the Site Safety File.
A typical Traffic Report can provide detailed analysis of the traffic environment around a project that can be used for planning applications, site safety files, and development plans. Our traffic reports are compliant with all relevant, current legislation, and may contain some, or all, of the following …

Standard Operating Procedures [SOP] and Permits-To-Work [PTW]

Cinnte Safety Limited can also design SOPs to enable you to work on routine, low risk tasks, without the necessity of site-specific planning for small jobs. We can also create a Permit-To-Work system [PTW] for you. A PTW can be an excellent tool for ensuring that all work carried within your jurisdiction is correctly planned and does not conflict with any other scheduled works as well as being a legal requirement for tasks with specific hazards.

Safety Audit and Inspections

Regardless of how safe you think your work area is, the necessity to conduct regular safety audits and inspections is essential to ensure the integrity of your site/premises and the robustness of your Safety Management System [SMS].

Risk Assessments and Method Statements [RAMS]

This is a critical element in any SMS to identify hazards and the risks associated with them and to put in place appropriate and cost-effective control measures. Cinnte Safety Limited have extensive experience in conducting risk assessments across a wide array of industries.
Compiling RAMS can also be an onerous task, however, Cinnte Safety Limited can make this easier for you by creating bespoke templates to fit your organisations work methods. We can also provide a review service to check the compliance of RAMS when submitting them for projects or tenders.

Safety Statement, Policies, and Procedures

Cinnte Safety Limited have over 20 years’ experience in traffic management and the construction industry and can help your organisation prepare and write a Safety Statement compliant with current legislation, safety guidance, and industry Codes of Practice. Cinnte Safety Limited can also review your current Safety Statement and check for compliance and make revisions as necessary.
We can help your organisation prepare and write a Policies and Procedures to accompany your Safety Statement and also review your current Policies & Procedures to check for compliance.

Driving For Work Policy, Driver Assessments, and Driver Training

Cinnte Safety Limited are a keen supporter of the HSA ‘Driving For Work’ Campaign and can help your organisation with the following.

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