What Is a Traffic Management plan?

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What Is a Traffic Management plan?

The Traffic Management Plan [TMP] is a comprehensive set documents analysing all associated elements and risks that may affect the works and is not to be confused with the Temporary Traffic Management Layout Drawing [TTMLD] which is just one element of the TMP. The objective of the TMP is to use up-to-date safety design principles and compliance with relevant legislation to optimise road area allocation ensuring, as far as is possible, the efficient flow of traffic and pedestrians whilst protecting vulnerable road users.

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Managing the road during construction works is an intricate job involving numerous factors:

  • Maintaining roadway safety.
  • Managing commuter, bus, freight, and tourist movement.
  • Consideration for cyclists, pedestrians, and vehicle management.


Depending on the scale of the works the Local Authority [LA] will request either a TTMLD, or a full site-specific Traffic Management Plan detailing …


  • reduction in space,
  • reduced visibility, or
  • any hindrance to the safety of road or footpath users.


The TTMLD is a drawing, or set of drawings, which show the traffic management scheme to be deployed and the control measures that are to be put in place. It should include cross sections and all phases of the operation.

A complete Traffic Management Plan will address the following issues.


  • Site access and egress.
  • Temporary signage and road markings.
  • Construction traffic routes.
  • Timing of material deliveries to site.
  • Road condition and cleaning.
  • Methodology for implementing the TMP.
  • Details of Working Hours and Days.
  • Details of Emergency Plan.


If prepared correctly the works should run smoothly and efficiently.

The preparation of the TMP is a highly skilled job and requires the Designer to have the relevant knowledge, training, and experience. It is for this reason that many contractors choose to outsource the design and implementation of TTM to a recognised industry expert such as Cinnte Safety Limited.